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There is an underlying structure to the universe

This could be described as a web or net

The net has nodes to it – like the knots in a net. These give the universe a granular, yet interconnected structure.

All matter and the forces are formed from the net

Deflections in it create gravity

Twists in it create matter













Matter and the forces within universe are created from the same material. There are no vacuums, the material is present in every part of the universe.

Before the start of the universe the material was at rest in a zero energy state (energy, motion and temperature are the same thing)

The universe was started by energy being applied to the material from a central point from which it expanded. Matter formed from the folds and contortions within the material. The material can be compared to  jelly (jello in the US I think) –  a sugary jelly, the heated up parts caramelises into matter and particles of various consistencies.

The deflections in the topography of the material on a large scale gives rise to gravity, and perhaps deflections on a smaller scale give rise to the other attractive forces. The weak nuclear force is a result of the material’s urge to unfold, offload energy and  ultimately return to a zero motion/ energy state. Photons are released as a result of this same urge.

The physical form and continuity of the material explains the behaviour of many sub atomic particles, such as the related movement between (apparently) separated pairs of particles – they are connected, so the inter relationship of their motion does not violate the special theory of relativity.

The universe will not contract back to its central starting point. Ultimately the material will return to the zero energy state and all matter will disappear.

This zero energy state is the ‘nothing’ that the universe came from. Further universes may have been formed elsewhere in the material, or on other planes of material. These other universes may be detected by the pull of their gravity on the outer edges of our own universe.

The universe may have been started by a collision with another plane of material or an external force of some kind. Otherwise it is possible that the universe never quite returns to zero energy, mass may be lost but energy may still be present at a low level, with particles appearing and dissappearing. The low overall energy level may create something analogous to a low pressure area, allowing the collision of particles to inflate massively, starting a universe in the process.